Tuesday 25th June 2024
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Groundwater Risk Assessment

Groundwater Risk Assessment Diagram
Groundwater Risk Assessment Diagram, click the image to enlarge*

Nick’s groundwater risk assessment skills cover assessing the pollution impact on groundwater from a wide range of activities.  Further details on a number of specific activities are found by following the links below:

Nick’s extensive groundwater risk assessment experience should allow him to evaluate risks from almost any activity.

In 2009, Nick drafted national guidance for the Environment Agency on assessing risks to groundwater from permitted activities (See Reference #1 on Downloads page), and specifically from discharges to land and prepared a regulatory update of landfill hydrogeological risk assessment.

The image shows a range of activities that have the potential to pollute groundwater without appropriate design, construction, maintenance and operation.  Groundwater risk assessment evaluates the possible impact on groundwater quality, usually taking into account a range of uncertainties.

* Image used with permission from the Groundwater Forum website.