Friday 19th July 2024
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Landfill Leachate Management

Landfill Leachate Management
Groundwater Risk Assessment Diagram, click the image to enlarge*

Leachate control is an important part of managing the pollution potential of a landfill site.  It is also a very costly part of landfill management for waste contractors and local authorities.

The most effective approach to landfill leachate management is likely to come through a good understanding of the volumes of leachate to extract, the quality of that leachate, and how these may change in the future as a result of waste stabilisation.  There are also important links to revenue earning landfill gas generation and extraction.

Nick’s landfill related skills are also discussed under the landfill hydrogeological risk assessment section of this website.

To read more about Nick’s landfill leachate management experience and skills, then click on the following:

* Image used with permission from the Groundwater Forum website ( Other useful images relating to groundwater issues can be found at that website. Please take a look.