Tuesday 25th June 2024
Hydrogeological Consultancy
Groundwater Protection & Leachate Management


Nick’s bachelors’ degree was in Geology with Geochemistry and 20% of his degree comprised a project on the hydrochemistry of mine waters in old Copper Mines at Alderley Edge, south of Manchester. His PhD was on geochemical changes in mudrocks and involved a range of stable isotope (18/16O, 13/12C, 34/32S, 87/86Sr), inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry analytical and interpretative techniques.

Natural water chemistry provides clues to the origin of a water and the route that water takes up to the point of sampling or discharge. Despite routine water quality sampling by a number of parties, hydrochemical interpretation is an underused approach, often due to a discomfort with the subject by hydrogeologists. Examples of Nick’s consultancy experience in this area includes:

In addition to Nick’s project experience, he has prepared and delivered training courses on natural hydrochemistry. Nick has undertaken hydrochemical modelling in the past, but not recently. His experience does however provide him with a good understanding of the key controls on natural water chemistry.